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New Electric Poultry Fencing / Netting for Sale
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New Electric Poultry Fencing / Netting for Sale

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  • Description for all your Hotline Electric Poultry Fencing Needs. Available for immediate dispatch in Ireland & Northern Ireland. Over 30 Years supplying Electric Fencing for Poultry in Ireland. Available in following sizes: 1.1m high x 25m long 1.2m high x 25m long 1.1m high x 50m long 1.2m high x 50m long Hot Gates Energisers Posts Repair Kits Pegs Excellent quality Hotline Green electric poultry netting with posts on a roll in various sizes. Posts already attached so just connect to fencing unit. Unpack it, unroll it, spike it in to ground in the shape you want in a few minutes. Take it down and move in minutes to fresh pasture. Supplied with pegs for pegging down bottom mesh. Do not confuse this with cheaper netting which has less conductors. Suitable for all poultry types. Join multiple rolls together to make a long electric poultry fence. For use with an electric fencing unit. Makes very flexible poultry runs / chicken runs. Electric Netting is simply the best way we have found for protecting your poultry from the desires of the fox, badger, mink etc. The 50m electric netting roll is supplied with 14 black flexi-posts with metal spikes (15cm long) which you push into the ground. Each electric netting roll comes with guy twines and pegs, anchoring pegs for the bottom strand and a net repair kit. We advise the use of the Hotline Gemeni 120 Energiser with this fence. MacEoin your one stop poultry shop. All your electric fencing needs for Cattle, Sheep, Rabbits, Chickens etc Hotline Fencing Energisers Electric chicken fencing Poultry Fencing ireland Hotline is the Ultimate Poultry Fencing Hotline 1.1m & 1.2m electric poultry fencing Poultry Netting Ireland Electric Poultry Netting Ireland Hotgate for poultry fencing Gates for electric poultry fencing Lead Out Cables Electric Fence Testers Poultry Fence Repair Kits Spare Posts for Electric Poultry Fencing Electric Poultry Fencing Ireland

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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Dingle, Kerry
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MacEoin General Merchants Ltd

  • Co. Kerry
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