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SXT 1000 Turbo ELECTRIC Scooter (40 KPH/SEAT/FOLDS
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SXT 1000 Turbo ELECTRIC Scooter (40 KPH/SEAT/FOLDS

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TURBO 1000
Engine Size (Litres)
1,000 cc

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MUCKANDFUN Sxt 1000 Turbo Scooter (40 KPH/CHOICE) € 750 ON ITS OWN OR € 795.00 with DELIVERY WE sell - Fix - Repair all our scooter NOT some Ebay no backup shop we are number 1 for BACKUP Amazing scooter - Very fast has slow mode Back bone of our range 40 KPH top speed RANGE of 18 km to 28 km VERY high quality scooter SCOOTER folds and the seat comes off DISK brakes ECO mode and cruise mode limits scooter to 20kph furthers battery life and make for comfortable nice and easy scooter pace What about the driving comfort?! The SXT Scooters' saddle is human-engineered and in comparison with many other scooters it has a wider and much more comfortable seating area in order to guarantee comfortable long distance rides. SXT scooters are also equipped with three shock absorbers – one located in the front and two at the backside of the scooter. Thanks to the air inflated tires the driving comfort is really superior and it doesn’t really differ from a "normal" scooter. Even when you drive at a higher speed SXT scooter always feels safe and comfortable. Each SXT 1000 Turbo model has a lightening system with low power consumption LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The front light is assembled at the handle bar tube, the back and brake lights can be found at the rear mudguard. Lifetime of a LED is up to 10.000 hours and they do have extremely low power consumption. the Scooter also has a so called "Click & Lock" saddle bracket system, which allows the user to remove and put back the saddle easily and fast. Locking takes place by means of foot lever. ON in sxt section you can see the full range WE have 30 high performance scooters in petrol and electric HOME delivery all Ireland only € 35.00 scooter arrives built tested WE are Irelands larget off road shop for scooters - quads - buggies - Jet skis - Mx bikes plus much more all on 2 YEAR WARRANTY German brand WE have scooters from € 450.00 to € 2275.00 amazing range LETS GET DIRTY

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