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Black Wooden Hanger, Non-Slip Trouser Hanger Bar, 44cm
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Black Wooden Hanger, Non-Slip Trouser Hanger Bar, 44cm

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Black Wooden Hanger, Non-Slip Trouser Hanger Bar, 44cm • Multi-Purpose – A versatile adult hanger with notches and trouser bar. Suitable for ladies’ and men’s clothing. This black wooden hanger, with non-slip bar, is perfect for trousers as well as suits, shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, skirts and jumpers. • Non-Slip Bar – Trouser bar has a ribbed plastic non-slip sleeve to hold garments firmly in place on the hanger, and not on the floor. • Space Saving – Flat design allows you to fit more hangers on one rail and therefore more clothes in your wardrobe. An efficient storage solution for a tidy and organised bedroom. • High Quality – Classic design combined with the highest quality, sturdy materials, for long life and extended usage. • Swivel Hook – Coat hanger includes 360-degree rotatable hook with anti-rust chrome plating. Description: This black wooden hanger with non-slip trouser bar is a great all-round hanger. It is well made, with plenty of features that make it suitable for most types of adult clothing. Wooden hangers cannot be beaten when it comes to looks, and this classic style with it’s sleek black finish is no exception. It brings real class to any wardrobe or clothes rail. The arms feature notches, allowing the hanging of items with straps or loops such as dresses and skirts. The strong bar with it’s non-slip grip makes this hanger a perfect option for hanging suits. It is also an efficient space saver, with it’s ability to hold more than one item at one time and it’s flat design. Other details: Thickness – 12mm. Box size 100 hangers per box. **Sold in boxes of 100 - £80

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  • Co. Down
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