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The Dibal D-900 Series counter scales are the only electronic scales (Non PC) on the market with a touch screen for vendor. These retail scales offer excellent features and are easy to use and intuitive. The D-900 scales can be connected to other scales, or to a PC to send and receive data and updates. Both colour screens on vendor and buyer sides offer a high level of personalization: the screen on the buyer’s side is an excellent medium for communication via images (cross selling, special offers, etc.) for the point of sale. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS * Touch screen scale with conventional electronics * (No PC) * 2 printers (for receipts & labels) * Modern, compact & easy to clean design. * More intuitive user menus. * More dynamic and stylish buyer screen as an advertising tool. * Compliance with UE Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. FEATURES * Extensive information for each Product * PLUs search by codes or name * Customisation of the screens * Direct uploading of images from USB * Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time frames, last month, etc.) * Export of lists to USB   * Export of receipts to USB * Fast and reliable communication between scales, with PC (if Required) * Warning of low level of labels in the scale. DISPLAYS * Vendor 12.1” touch screen TFT (W250 x H188 mm) * Buyer: 12.1” TFT. PRINTER(S) * 2 printers (for receipts & labels) * Cassette for immediate paper roll change RECEIPTS * Up to 75 items * 4 logos * Bar codes: EAN-13, QR etc * Name of vendor. * 9 payment methods. * Total in National currency and other 3 currencies. LABELS * 40 programmable formats * 100 logos. * Bar codes: EAN-13, QR etc * 100 programmable texts. * Manual and automatic pre-packing modes. * Printing with 90º, 180º or 270º * Packaging date, expiry date & extra date * Alphanumeric batch number. Call our friendly Sales team for more info on 014628100 or 0851440533 Or checkout our website

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Weighing Machines Services

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Weighing Machines Services

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