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Pool Table Trolley Model BJPT  Winner
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Pool Table Trolley Model BJPT Winner

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The "Mastermac" pool table trolley, Model" BJPT Winner" is the latest addition to our range of trolleys for numerous applications.The" BJPT Winner" is for lifting and moving pool tables with a total weight of no greater than 300kg. (A standard 7' x 4' coin operated table with a slate bed would normally weigh in the region of 300kg.) The "BJPT Winner" will accomodate all pool tables but has been designed specifically to facilitate The "Supreme Winner" Pool Table. While the latter is used in tournaments worldwide, it is unique in that its coinbox is fitted just 5 inches right of its centrepoint. The "BJPT Winner" accomodates the coin box and actually uses it as a guide when positioning the trolley. The trolley is safe and simple to use and is the ideal device for moving the pool table when the need arises. The trolley is fitted with a 2 Ton bottle jack, and four rubber tyred swivel castors for maximum manoeuvrability. Its lifting mechanism has the added safety feature in that it is operated by a hand/foot pedal. Its lifting range is between 400mm and 500mm with an additional 50mm extension if required. The trolley is manufactured to the highest standard by C&G Engineering at Loughrea Co. Galway and can be delivered nationwide . Price is plus carr. We also manufacture Pool Table Lifters to assist in leveling the feet. At C&G Engineering we also manufacture and supply, crate trolleys, carton trolleys, beer barrell trolleys, bottle trolleys , three way convertible trolleys, jukebox trolleys, coffin trolleys, stair climber trolleys and piano dollys. All trolleys are made with quality materials, are fitted with either solid or pneumatic wheels, and are guaranteed. Supreme Winner, Prince , Mayfair, Tournament, Ascot, Royale, Classic, Fusion , Omega. Trolley, Trolleys, Pool Table. Pool Trolley. Pool Table Trolley. Snooker Table. Snooker Trolley. Snooker Table Trolley.

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C&G Engineering

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C&G Engineering

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