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Airless Sprayer Feeds High Speed TWIN Roller

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Converts your airless into a powerful no-overspray high speed paint roller. Saves paint, no overspray, fast to use - win win. The Speed Roller is unique in that it uses an external system to feed the twin 9" rollers allowing a low-pressure delivery system which works with most types of coatings. The paint is fed directly into the track of the leading roller and the roller behind acts like a back roll only going forward instead. Huge time saver. If you have an Airless sprayer already, make it more useful by adding this clever piece of kit. Works in conjunction with standard 3 ft extension pole and takes standard 9" roller sleeves. Masonry paints, emulsions, oil based, block fillers, elastomerics, two component epoxies and urethanes, polyureas, solvent and waterbased systems, even products with aggregate can be applied by the Speed Roller 2500. Floor Coatings and Roof Coatings both are excellent applications for Speed Rollers due to its ability to apply up to 1 mm uniformly- even on uneven roofs. As you know, not all large jobs can be sprayed, environmental concerns caused by overspray, populated or commercial areas, busy parking structures and wind conditions can all stop a spray job, but not a Speed Rollers job. Speed up your coatings application with a Speed Rollers Now. Note: Speed Rollers stocks are limited - so if you want one - don't delay. more on

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