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Generator RG30PS
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Generator RG30PS

  • 116 days
  • Thurles, Co. Tipperary



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General Specification Silent generator with following specifications: Frame: Heavy duty fabricated welded base plate with high quality steel UNI S235 JR Heavy duty rubber anti-vibration mountings Dedicated area to make easier the electrical connection to the load Fuel tank with drain plug and retention basin Feet and four lifting holes on the base Oil draining mechanical pump Canopy: Four large doors for easy access for service and maintenance Electro-galvanized sheet DC01+ZE25/25 (EN 10152: 2009) High precision sheet cutting with nitrogen laser technology to avoid oxidation Sandblasting and cataphoretic treatment of intake / exhaust grids Weatherproof sealed joints Lockable handles in each door Grey RAL 7035 “orange peel” specific powder coat paint for outdoor usage Rain cap on exhaust outlet Coolant refilling specific hatch Fuel filler outside enclosure Ecological Sound foam: 100% Recyclable, 35mm thickness, fire-proof self-extinguishing class1 fire-reaction compliant washable, mechanically fixed to the frame Muffler: Residential type Integrated in the canopy With aluminium coating Control Panel: Metal Control panel with protective back cover Dedicated area to make easier the electrical connection to the load All units and components are prototype tested, factory build and production tested. A specific control procedure during the several stages of production ensures long life and reliability.

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Thurles, Tipperary


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vita da Kate image

vita da Kate

  • a year ago

Long experience in the business, quality products, complete portfolio in water and power field. A good selection of quality product and brands. Always available in stock Generators, Water pumps, electric pressure washers. Sale and rental offer. For professional use, agriculture and residential application. Experience Honesty and kindness are the right words to describe this company and all the staff.

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  • 5 years ago

Great service from EGPS. Local family run business.

Patrick Cormack image

Patrick Cormack

  • 3 years ago

They have a good call out serves and advise for people

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  • Co. Tipperary

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