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Fuzz Toenshend,s CLASSIC OILS are high grade engine oils blended in the UK to exacting formulas which fulfil the unique requirements of older vehicles. HERITAGE 20w50 - 5-litre can - €33 25-litre Drum €135 20w50 mineral oil with a high zinc content of 1300ppm ZDDP. High shear stability for stay-in-grade performance, ensuring good oil pressure even under extreme usage. Suitable for classic engines from the early 1950s to the mid 1980s for cars Vans and Trucks, suitable for modified classic race engines. (API.SL/CH-4) HOT HATCH 10W40 - 5-litre can - €35.00 Semi synthetic 10w40 engine oil suitable for a wide range of later classic engines, including many high performance Hot Hatches from the 1980s and 1990s. (API.SL/CF) Excellent high and low temperature stability, improved oil consumption and reduces wear on engine components. Suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged engines. BEETLEJUICE HD30 - 5-litre can - €29.00 An SAE 30 monograde specially blended for VW Beetles and Campers. Meets the dual demands of cooling and lubrication. Optimium detergency for efficient oil filtration. (API.CC/SE). High zinc levels for maximum anti-wear properties. Maintains engine cleaniness and is cost effective. MUSCLE CAR 10W30 - 5-litre can - €35.00 A low viscosity multigrade mineral oil suitable for many classic American V8s of the 1960s and 1970s. Suitable for normally aspirated petrol and diesel engines. High zinc content levels for anti-wear and maximum protection for highly stressed components such as camshafts. (API.CC/SE) CLASSIC GEAR OIL -EP140 GI-4 Classic gearbox and differentials oil . Safe with bronze and copper alloys. 1 litre €9.95 5litre €36 Available exclusively in the whole of Ireland direct from Classic Oils Ireland Online sales: or Telephone: 089 4486626

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Liquid Technology Ltd

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Liquid Technology Ltd

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