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Rustbuster Rust Preventative Treatment
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Rustbuster Rust Preventative Treatment

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GO TO FOR ALL THE RUSTBUSTER RANGE. Rustrbustyer Epoxy Mastic 121 Steel renovation paint. 1.25lt kit €54 2.25lt kit €94 large range of colours. Rustbuster fe-123 Rust Converter - 500ml €29 Rustbuster Epoxy Mastic 121 Steel Renovation Paint 1.25 litre kit € 54 Rustbuster Epoxy 421 Body Primer 1.25 litre kit € 54 Rustbuster Slosh Fuel Tank Sealant 425ml € 29 850ml €49 Rusterbuster Tank-kleen 500ml €16 Rustbuster Teckshield Industrial Underbody Wax Sealant 5-litre € 59 USE THE BEST AND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WHY USE RUSTBUSTER fe-123 RUST CONVERTER ? * First in all independent tests since 1998 * Market leader * Easy to use * Can be overpainted once dry * No need to wash down after treatment * Contains zinc, no other converter has this * Industrial quality, used by heavy industry so it has to work * Can be used on any rusted surface Rustbusters Epoxy Mastic 121 Steel Renovation Paint has been awarded 'BEST IN TEST' in the latest 3-year Anti-Corrosion Test conducted by 'Classics Monthly Magazine' in the toughest test yet. Rusterbuster FE 123 Rust converter: BEST IN ALL TESTS. A COMPLETE RUST SOLUTION. Rustbuster Rust Preventative, a complete and intergrated rust proofing solution. Heavy duty wax treatments of industrial quality, epoxy paints for chassis and exposed steel components, epoxy based body primers and rust converters that really work. This is the complete solution for any rust problems. These are not to be mistaken for ordinary rust preventative treatments, THEY ARE THE BEST. For orders and information contact Peter at 089 4486626. Fast delivery, payment by Pay Pal. Send us an email with your name and address and get a full information pack. Liquid Technology Ltd GET ALL THE INFO ---- web: Ph: 089 4486626

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Liquid Technology Ltd

  • Co. Wexford
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Liquid Technology Ltd

  • Co. Wexford
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