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Audiowave 141SE Limited Edition (2023)
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Audiowave 141SE Limited Edition (2023)

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I'm selling brand new one (in the box) the loudspeakers Audiowave 141 SE Limited Edition (2023). The Audiowave 141 SE Limited Edition (2023) are stand mount speakers, two ways, with a bass-reflex on the back plate. The most important construction element is the enclosure – the sides were made from wooden staves, milled in the connection places, and the top and bottom made from staves without milling. Front and back are from thick MDF covered with a black material resembling velvet. All corners are rounded, and the quality of manufacture is extraordinary. Only the Italians make enclosures of comparable quality. The drivers are mounted in reverse configuration – the tweeter is below the mid-woofer, and also with an offset. Similar setups can be seen in products from companies like Castle (but not only that one). The bass and midrange is served by a nice driver from Seas, the L15 LRY with an aluminum diaphragm with 150mm diameter and a cast spider. In the middle a fixed phase cone is visible. As it is not made from metal it cannot serve as a heat sink for the driver coil. The upper frequencies are handled by the 19 TAF aluminum dome coming also from Seas. The drivers are connected to the cross-over by unwoven Kimber Cable strings- four for the woofer and two for the tweeter. The cross-over is placed on the back of the cable terminals and split on two PCBs. In the high frequency section an air coil and polypropylene capacitors (MKP) from Philips were used, and in the low frequency section a powder core coil and a polypropylene was used. The back plate houses a double cable terminal and a bass-reflex outlet. The terminals, but their pins are quite thick and close together, that makes the tightening difficult. It is also worth it to exchange the cramps for something better.

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  • Co. Dublin
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  • Co. Dublin
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