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Ecologica Seagull Proofing for Chimneys

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You may be reading this advert with interest as it is that time of year when seagulls start to return and nest on your chimney. You don’t want a repeat of last year with nuisance caused by the gulls – very noisy, aggressively attacking family members & fouling in your back patio or driveway. The best solution and the one that works is the installation of a chimney cage which prevents gulls nesting on your chimney. We increasingly are building more chimney cages on properties to protect against gulls nesting on the chimney. Seagull spikes are not effective in this situation as gulls will simply drop nesting material on top of the spikes to create their nest. The spikes simply assist the gulls by holding their nest together. Our cage is constructed of galvanised wire mesh cut to size and assembled using stainless steel wire rings. This sturdy structure is long lasting and provides protection against gulls nesting on your chimneys. The cage is fitted to the chimney stack and bound together using stainless steel fixing rings. This is a bespoke solution that offers much needed protection in the years ahead. Call us today to discuss your requirements on (086) 812 0435 or visit We will initially conduct an environmental risk assessment and provide a quotation for your job. We are an Irish Family run Environmental Management Company covering Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth, Offaly, Westmeath & West Wicklow. Read more by clicking on the link provided

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Mervyn Walsh

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Mervyn Walsh

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