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Spray Gun For Vintage Restorers

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If you are looking for a nice, tidy, reliable paint spray (spray gun) system capable of professional finish, look no further. NO compressor required. The electric Turbine power unit delivers a huge quantity of air at only 5 or 6 psi. (Compressor delivers small volume of air at huge pressure) The Rigo HVLP (high volume low pressure) system, available in a few price levels, is suitable for spraying cars, vintage tractors, machinery, furniture, metalwork, in fact anything that needs to be painted. Sprays metallic, lacquers, two packs, cellulose, oil and water based. HVLP means low pressure spraying which means no massive clouds of overspray, uses about half the paint a compressor gun uses, no moisture in the warm air, quicker drying, precision finish. Unlike the little electric spray guns which have own inbuilt motor, this unit has tons of steady, consistent power to ensure continuous air supply with minimum thinning etc. Take a look at the video above and that will give you an indication of how little overspray this produces. By the way, professional spray people would consider car finishing to be the most challenging and requires the most skill, the best equipment etc… this machine delivers a ‘car finish’ second to none. All units come with a 2 year guarantee on the motor. We carry two models: Silver Unit X140 €695.00 plus VAT >> FLEXIFI FINANCE AVAILABLE << All units come with Gun and hose ready to spray. (230 volt) Got Questions? Call us on 01 830 22 50 Check out OTHER ADS

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Igoe International Ltd

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